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Higher Education

Regional Workforce Training Facilities
Danville Community College
Patrick Henry Community College
Regional Center for Advanced Technology and Training
Virginia Technical Institute
Southern Virginia Higher Education Center
Innovation Center
Center for Coatings Application Research and Education
Souther Virginia Community College
New College Institute
American National University

Danville is home to the Institute for Advanced Learning and Research (IALR), a major piece of the solution to bring Southern Virginia into the Information Economy. The IALR was formed as a collaboration among the City of Danville, Pittsylvania County, the Future of The Piedmont Foundation, Averett University, Danville CommunityCollege, and Virginia Tech.

Higher Education Facility Enrollment (Fall 2014) 
Facility    Enrollment
Danville Community College  3,982
 Patrick Henry Community College  3,079
Averett University  848
New College Institute  265
American National University - Danville Campus   145
American National University - Martinsville Campus    126
Southern Virginia Higher Education Center    *
Institute for Advanced Research and Learning   *
Enrollment figures are included in participating colleges and universities.
Source VEDP 2014 Community Profile (

Elementary and Secondary Education

In Danville Public Schools, learning transcends the four walls of a classroom and even a school building.  Danville Public Schools provides all students with a world class education.  Our focus is on ensuring that 21st century skills are embedded in our instructional program including:  global awareness, financial and entrepreneurial literacy, critical thinking, problem solving, communication, collaboration, creativity, innovation, social and cross-cultural skills, leadership, responsibility, initiative, and self-direction.

Danville Public Schools Enrollment (Fall 2014)
 Level  Number  Enrollment
 Preschool  126
Elementary   2,312
Middle  2  1,303
High School  2 1,702 
Speciality  1  79

Source: Danville Public Schools  - DOE School Report Cards

There are also many private schools in the area that may be of interest. This includes both religious and non-religious, boarding schools, military schools, and a special focus schools. 

Education and the Labor Market

 Educational Attainment    Career Readiness

 On-time Graduation Rate (2014)  75.6 %
 Percentage of Danville population 25+ who are high school graduates (2010-2014)  78.8%
 High School graduates continuing education (2013-2014) 86.6%
Percentage of Danville population 25+ who earned a Bachelor's Degree or higher (2010-2014)  17.2%

City of Danville 137
 Extended Labor Market  617
Total 754
Virginia's Career Readiness Certificate (CRC) assists employers by certifying that a recipient possesses the core skills applied in math, reading for information, and locating information. (2014 Figures) 
Source: VEDP 2014 Community Profile (

City of Danville Office of Economic Development
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